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Variety of 19 locations
Variety of 19 locations
19 locations. Sounds crazy? But it is true! Spoiler alert: we're constantly expanding.
Intel Scalable Xeon Processors
Intel Scalable Xeon Processors
Good old Intel Xeon processors to power up your website and online platforms.
Do you require more RAM? More cores? No problem. Our servers are easily expandable to achieve the desired productivity.

12 GB VPS Rent: Reliable Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual private servers are special storage places that stimulate physical servers. Every time when a visitor wants to access your website, their browser sends a request to the server for it to transfer the data to the end-user. 

Before getting down to viewing different characteristics of virtual private servers, let us see how a VPS is defined. 

VPS server actually gives access to shared space. The mechanism works in this way: a virtual layer is installed on top of the operating system of the server. This virtual layer divides the server into partitions and makes it possible for each user to install the OS and software of their choice there. Having a VPS at your disposal means having both virtual and private storage places for running the website and letting you have full control over the website governance. It offers guaranteed resources such as memory, disk space, CPU core, and more. 

Even though the VPS is in the same server as the space that other users rent, a virtual private server has partitions that make it impossible for different users to influence each other’s space. Hence, your data container gets separated from other ones on the level of the operating system. Plus, there is the same ‘root level’ access as you would get with a dedicated server.

What Types of Platforms Are 12 GB VPSs Good for?

Renting a virtual private server is the next step for anyone who expects to see their website grow and e-commerce move on. This option is flexible enough and lets you expand the server capabilities as your website outgrows the available resources. 

So, if you’re considering making the website and want to run it smoothly and free from errors, make sure to opt for a VPS. In other cases, when you already have a shared hosting plan, upgrade it to a VPS such as a 12 GB VPS. With BlueVPS.net, it’s easy to perform such operations: whatever the limitations you need to get rid of, the hosting-providing service will help.

A 12 GB VPS is going to come in handy if the plan is to run:

  • Online stores of the existing offline shops
  • Personal blogs with opportunities for interaction with readers
  • Small-scale websites for any purpose with low traffic that is expected to grow
  • SaaS platforms 
  • News websites 
  • Platforms for education and online courses
  • Corporate company’s website

These types of platforms can be hosted on a 12 GB VPS and will provide you with isolated account environments, high security, and flexible scalability. 

Affordable and Flexible Plans of 12 GB VPS by BlueVPS

The capabilities of a virtual server will always depend on the amount of immediate memory, processor’s power, uptime, etc. For instance, the higher the uptime, the smoother the website will function. 

In terms of RAM, it’s very individual what amount you’ll need. For instance, both a

2 GB RAM VPS and a 12 GB VPS will be enough for a store to function on the condition that there will be enough CPU cores and the bandwidth won’t be limited. Yet, it depends on the situation.

BlueVPS has various 12 GB VPS hosting plans for rent. They are categorized according to the preferred operating system, location, SSD/HDD, etc. One can buy a 3-month, half-year, or annual hosting plan at a reasonable price. For example, the rent of a scalable and reliable VPS server 12 GB will cost 102 pounds per quarter (3 months). Anyway, even if, after buying this plan, you realize that this memory isn’t going to fulfill the website needs anymore, the service will let you expand. Choose your own cheap 12 GB VPS hosting for whatever period of time and make it suitable for your every need.

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