What Is BlueVPS?

BlueVPS company presents a website bluevps.net and reliable hosting solutions you can get via the site. We have created a privacy policy to explain to our clients how we provide our services and how you can use them. Using our site, you can enjoy high-quality VPS services and full confidentiality. Our company takes care of clients’ personal information and never discloses it. Check what kind of information we may collect from you and what we need your data for.

What Information We Collect from Your Comments

We encourage our clients to give feedback about the quality of services we provide to improve them for you. Each time you leave a comment about VPS on our site, we collect such information as your IP address. It’s done with the aim to detect spam messages.

What Do We Need Cookies For?

Every time you visit our website, we send cookies to the device you use to enter our resource. When we collect cookies we get a possibility to make improvements to the service we provide. Our company may store your personal settings to make it easier for you to use our platform and gain the best VPS experience.

Whenever you comment on our services, we may store your contact details for maximum convenience. We do this with the aim to make the process of using our site as easy as ABC. You don’t have to spend much time filling in the same information each time you want to write a comment on our site. Take into account that when you enter the system, the data used to log in is stored for a couple of days only. In case, you want us to remember you for longer, select “Remember Me” when you log in. The login type of cookies will be in the system for two weeks. Don’t worry that cookies will stay forever. Cookies will be removed the same minute you log out.

How Long Will We Store Your Personal Data?

We guarantee that our customers can access the information they have shared through our platform round-the-clock. It is up to you to make any changes to your details as we provide our customers with full control over their details. Contact our specialists to make the changes to your information or remove your details, if necessary. Keep in mind that we can ask you to pass through the quick confirmation procedure when processing your request to edit or delete details from our site.

Each time you leave a comment on our platform, we store your data with the only objective - to differentiate what comments are yours. You’ll be able to write comments and send them to our website without the need to wait until they are checked and approved by our administrator.

Remember that if you pass through the registration on our site, you will get full access to all the functions. We provide registered users with the possibility to make any changes in their accounts ( you can edit all pieces of information, except for the username) and have full control over their personal information. The only thing to take into account is that our admin can also access your data, if necessary. 

What Rights Do We Provide Registered Users With?

Pass through a quick and easy registration and you’ll see what kind of information we store on the site. Any of our clients can send a request in which he/she asks us to show what data we store. Pay attention to the fact that the report we’ll send you will contain the information we store, excluding data we store for legal and security objectives. This means that we may check comments our clients write on the site using a spam detection program without asking them. This process takes place automatically for us to detect spam.

What Changes Can We Make to Our Privacy Policy?

We want to draw your attention to the fact that we can make any changes to our Privacy Policy without notifying anyone. Our clients will find the information about the changes that have been made on the page where the previous version of the Privacy Policy was. We recommend you follow all the changes we make by visiting our Privacy Policy page.


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