Refund Policy

If you don’t use our services for some period, you have the right to get a refund. Check the rules of the BlueVPS refund policy to know when you can request a money refund and in what cases the refund isn’t issued.

  1. A user doesn’t have a right to get a money refund in case of a violation of the agreement. 
  2. A user is guaranteed to get a refund if BlueVPS or its partners have violated the agreement. If you get low-quality services or get them not in full volume because of the terms’ violation initiated by BlueVPS or its partners, a support manager will contact you and resolve the issue.
  3. The BlueVPS company provides an opportunity to use hosting services for 7 days within a trial period. After you sign up for hosting services, you have the right to request a refund, excluding a fee for the installation for one month. For this, you need to submit your request using our ticket system. 
  4. We want to draw your attention to the fact that you can’t get back the money you’ve paid for assistance with the installation of our services. 
  5. If you make payments using BTC or any other digital currency, you won’t be able to get a refund for the purchase. 
  6. The BlueVPS company considers the request for a money refund when the trial period is over. The refund is calculated in accordance with the unused service term. 
  7. You can get your money refund using one of the available payment methods: Webmoney, credit/debit bank card, or PayPal. 

We want to draw your attention to the fact that our company doesn’t take responsibility for the fee that the above-mentioned payment systems may take for the money transfer. 

When you get hosting services provided by BlueVPS or its partners, you agree to the listed points of the refund policy automatically. In case, you have any questions regarding how our refund policy works, you are welcome to contact our customer support department.

The company guarantees 7 day refund per client request (CryptoCurrency payments are non refundable). All our subnets blocked in Turkmenistan, inaccessibility IP in current region is not the sufficient reason for a refund.


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