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Get the best features from the best web VPS hosting provider. After all, offering the cheapest web hosting with distinctive features is our #1 priority.
1Gbit or 10Gbit port
1Gbit or 10Gbit port
You heard it right. We offer up to 10Gbit ports for our VPS. Nothing can stop your online project from dominating the market!
AMD EPYC Zen2/Zen3 processors
AMD EPYC Zen2/Zen3 processors
Powerful through the roof, the new AMD EPYC Processors will chew on every task you give them.
Full customization
Full customization
Establish a secure connection through SSH. Get access to your server through VNC. Full customization only at BlueVPS.

The United States of America is probably the most popular location for international companies when setting up a business abroad. BlueVPS offers great virtual private servers at affordable prices in Atlanta, Georgia. Powerful processors, great technical support, and enterprise platforms are the satisfaction guarantee. 

Cheap VPS server in Atlanta, US

The major difference between a VPS and a shared server is the degree of freedom and the performance of the servers available. Many people have the image that virtual private servers = shared servers, so we will explain the differences between VPS and shared servers in detail here.

In VPS, multiple servers are built virtually within a single physical server. Unlike shared servers, a guest OS is prepared for each user on the foundation of the host OS, and these guest OSs basically do not interfere with each other. Therefore, there are basically no problems or slowdowns due to other users' use, as is the case with shared servers.

Unlike shared servers, memory and CPU performance are reserved for the guest OS, making it suitable for more demanding use than shared servers. Another feature is that, unlike shared servers that share a single OS, the guest OS can be used freely for software and other operations.

From the BlueVPS side we offer:

  1. Unlimited bandwidth - yes, you’ve read it right. It’s unlimited!
  2. 1 Gbit port per VPS;
  3. AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon CPUs;
  4. HDD and SSD VPS are available;
  5. NVMe nodes are also ready for action!
  6. 24/7 Support every day every year.

Cheap Windows VPS hosting in Atlanta, USA

Unless you want to use Windows for remote desktops or for specific windows supported software we suggest using Linux but still if you require a Windows OS, you can choose a VPS with a pre-installed Windows server on top of it. Here is what we offer:

  1. Windows 10 Enterprise;
  2. Windows Server 2012 R2;
  3. Windows Server 2016;
  4. Windows Server 2019.

Cheap Linux VPS hosting in Atlanta, Georgia

As operating systems evolve, so do their hardware requirements increase exponentially. For example, if you buy a genuine copy of Windows 10, you'll have to meet minimum hardware requirements to run it successfully and you can't run it on any low-end system.

However, with Linux, you can even run it on smaller computers. This doesn't mean that every Linux distribution will work with 256 MB of RAM coupled with an outdated processor. However, there are options that you can install even on a not resource-intensive system.

We are offering all kinds of Linux OS:

  1. CentOS
  2. FreeBSD
  3. Debian
  4. Ubuntu and others if required.

Cheap VPS server hosting in US Atlanta

Usually, the provisioning of VPS takes no longer than 5 minutes. Just click on the best suitable configuration and we’ll take care of everything else. If you wish to upgrade your VPS in the future you can always send our team an inquiry via a ticketing system. If you wish to pick up some other location in America then we can offer VPS in Chicago or VPS in Los Angeles. Contact our team to learn more!

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