The BlueVPS Story

1. To get us started, could you give us a little background on the company from your perspective? What was going on in the market when BlueVPS launched and what were the goals for differentiation?

BlueVPS was launched in 2017 by a team of people who were previously working in the hosting industry for over a decade. Initially, the main idea behind building such a company was to offer people affordable hosting services in numerous locations. You might state that other companies have already claimed that spot, but we can state that it is not exactly correct as many of them lack either the number of locations or other valuable features like unlimited bandwidth. On the other hand, we have offered all of this from the very beginning.

2. Given your industry experience, what have been the biggest shifts you’ve witnessed over the years in the hosting space? Can you identify any trends or challenges your team has had to stay ahead of to remain competitive?

In 2017 there was a huge rise in WordPress websites. Where is the best way to host such websites? Not on usual hosting but on VPS. Why? Because there are practically no limits. As you may know, WordPress plugins chew up a lot of RAM and CPU resources. With typical share hosting typical user is severely crippled in terms of how he can upgrade his website. So we decided to show that your business can be free of such limitations by using a VPS. 

In 2021 and we see it as a continuous trend in 2022 and 2023, HTTPS is becoming a standard for every website, and pricing competition is very strong between competitors on the market. We have made our prices competitive enough so even the smallest startups and individuals can afford them. Plus nowadays DDoS attacks are rather frequent, that’s why we gradually implementing DDoS mitigation services in every location we offer.

3. You have a good list of products — from Virtual and Dedicated Servers located worldwide to solutions for WordPress, Drupal, Magento and more. Is there an underlying tenet connecting all of your services that you think attracts and retains customers? What’s your personal favorite aspect of BlueVPS to tell people about?

Of course! Our team is constantly monitoring the market for upcoming trends in the industry and how we can assist various businesses across the globe. As you may know, the hosting industry is a pillar of the internet and we aim to be a trusted concrete on which you can build a successful business. The thing that keeps our customers with us is our stellar technical support. It might be something trivial for any hosting company, but the quality of support is what makes customers stay with us, because they are sure, that if something happens, there is always a team of qualified engineers to back them up. 

4. If you had to quantify the #1 benefit BlueVPS delivers to businesses, what would it be (dollars saved, hours saved, high performance/uptime rates, ROI, all of the above)?

We’d pick up dollars saved and high performance/uptime rates. We don’t oversell our equipment thanks to KVM virtualization and are not planning to do it, because we are aimed to work with customers long-term. 

5. I’m curious about your internal development processes. As you’re updating products, adding features, and putting new ideas into production, how much of the process and discussions are based around adapting to the newest trend and/or listening to customer feedback?

Actually quite a lot. As we were mentioning we are on constant alert if anything significant happens in the market. Each month we are making standup meetings with the sales team which are dedicated specifically to current trends and how we can adopt them within our capabilities. Sometimes when we see a significant demand for certain services for example MT5 optimized VPSes, we start working on such a product to offer it to our customers. Improvise, adapt, overcome! :)

6. What’s on the horizon? Is there anything coming down the pipeline that you’re personally excited about? Anything else you’d like us to highlight in the article specifically?

We are still expanding our presence on the globe! Locations keep opening and we are aimed to open at least 6 until the end of the year. We are specifically interested in China, and the Asian market.

BlueVPS Locations

BlueVPS Features
Get the best features from the best web VPS hosting provider. After all, offering the cheapest web hosting with distinctive features is our #1 priority.
Guaranteed resources
Guaranteed resources
Unlimited VPS — unlimited in everything
Unlimited VPS — unlimited in everything
Full control VPS, SSH  and VNC access
Full control VPS, SSH and VNC access


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