How to Load Meta Trader 4 on Your VPS

What Is Forex?

Forex is a kind of network. There, buyers and sellers can buy and sell currencies. On Forex, individuals and companies can buy and sell currencies. 

If you have traveled abroad, you have been dealing with Forex by buying foreign currency. But you did it with a more practical purpose. While on Forex, the majority of subjects exchange cryptocurrencies with the main aim to get some profit. 

While earlier, most trades were made manually, now, everything is moving to the trading computerization.

Reasons to Use a VPS for Trading Purposes

When you use a VPS or Virtual Private Server, you get a number of benefits. First of all, a VPS is a server that is run on the same hardware as other several servers. Even though it doesn`t have independent hardware, but it offers you benefits such as:

  • Operation independent on other VPS options;
  • An agreed space volume;
  • A particular transfer volume per any agreed period, usually one month;
  • RAM.

It uses its independent own power supply. All in all, a VPS is a cloud-based server. 

When you get a VPS, you can count on some benefits.

1 - it enables you to trade in any location where you have the internet. While if you are trading from a computer, your trading activities are tied to the place where your computer is located, things are different with a VPS. If you trade from a VPS, you just connect to the server and move on with trading wherever you are. 

2 - VPS is provided by the most reliable companies. Thus, a premium security level is one of the main benefits. If you opt for a managed VPS, you can be completely confident that it is constantly checked and its uptime is 99.9%. Additional protection layers can be added, too.

3 - what about trading during a power outage? If your system works well without your constant monitoring, it even enables you to trade even if the power is off in your location. Uninterrupted trading means that you can even trade 24/7, even during you are away or sleeping!

4 - Slippage is lower. This benefit is evident even if you don`t use an automated trading system. A VPS is much faster than a normal computer, thus, it sends requests faster. Therefore, the delays are reduced, and a trader has less slippage. 

One more significant thing to consider is that if your VPS is located in the same place where your broker is, you can place trades significantly faster than anybody else.

However, a VPS is on its own useful only if you use some software to trade. One more moment is crucial: you shall choose a VPS located as close as it is possible for your broker. Then, you can count on the best results. 

Metatrader - What Is It?

Metatrader is trading software. You install it on the required platform. Then, you can start trading. Basically, Metatrader performs the function of a bridge between your VPS and the broker selected by you. 

Now, it is clear why it is needed to install Meta Trader 4 on your VPS.

Thus, we proceed with the instruction.

Step 1: 

We believe you have already signed up for a ForexVPS. If yes, you should have received the login data and the link to access your VPS.

Step 2:

Find the remote connection software and open it. For that, check Start Menu, there, find Accessories. And from there, you can activate the remote connection. It shall look like this or similar, depending on your Windows version.

how to load meta trader 4 on your vps

Now, type in or copy your VPS IP and the user name. 

How to Check Your VPS IP

Do you still remember how you can find your VPS IP? Here is the entire procedure:

Step 1: Log in to your client area. For that, click here:

In the fields, provide your login data.

how to load meta trader 4 on your vps

Step 2: There, you will see the list of your servers. Click on the needed one.

.how to load meta trader 4 on your vps

Step 3: A window will open with all the information about your server. Scroll down until you see the information about your VPS IP address:

how to load meta trader 4 on your vps

Now, let us return to Meta Trader 4 installation.

Step 4: After you have provided your IP address and the user name, press Connect.

how to load meta trader 4 on your vps

Step 5: Now, the connection to your VPS is established. Do you see the empty desktop? If yes, you can proceed with the download and the installation of Meta Trader 4.

Step 6: Move to the website of your broker. There, find the download link for Meta Trader 4 and download it. Follow the instruction to install Meta Trader 4. 

Step 7: Now, when the installation of Meta Trader 4 is completed, you might want to install also your expert advisor. For that, you again need your remote connection. This time, you need the Local resources tab

how to load meta trader 4 on your vps

There, click on More button.

how to load meta trader 4 on your vps

In the window, mark Local Disc C and click OK.

how to load meta trader 4 on your vps

It will allow to move files between your desktop and a server. Now, you can install your advisor into Meta Trader 4. After the installation is completed, you can attach your advisor to the needed charts, and that`s it, you can trade!