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Variety of VPS control panels
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VPS Debian

VPS (Virtual Private Hosting) has a number of incredible pluses for every contemporary platform. In simple terms, it is a virtualized type of server hosting that offers a sufficient amount of space, CPU cores, and memory for the person renting it. VPS servers are, as a rule, located on one parent server and let users have a dedicated space, unlike shared servers that only provide resources to share between hundreds of users.

Renting a VPS is especially beneficial if you want a scalable but, at the same time, a flexible hosting plan that corresponds to your needs at this moment and can change with regard to them. They are also one of the most affordable ones if we compare virtual private servers to dedicated servers and look at the cost of renting the latter. Okay, but is there anything that makes a VPS with the Debian OS superior to others? Let us find out.

Debian VPS by BlueVPS: Peculiarities and Reasons to Choose

Now, the first thing making Debian VPS a nice option is that Debian operating system is free and open-source. It is a distribution of Linux that fits both personal computers and virtual private servers. 

Debian also stands out with:

  • Advanced Packaging Tool (APT), which is excellent for simplification of the program installation process
  • No need for an unshakable Internet connection
  • Being a free and open-source (a more accessible version of an operating system)
  • Offering a large number of unpaid software packages – over 57 thousand
  • Boasting stable and safe performance as a big team of developers is busy with fixing mistakes all the time and providing new updates
  • A supportive community of users and experts

Therefore, it will be a trustworthy option of the OS when it comes to an operating system for a VPS. Ordering one from BlueVPS will also mean being able to choose from nearly 20 locations in Europe and the world. 

What else does Debian VPS hosting give you?

  1. Unlimited bandwidth in every virtual private server by BlueVPS. 
  2. 10 Gbps ports, which are going to be more than enough for many platforms. 
  3. Different HDD storage place sizes, as well as NVMe and SSD. 
  4. No installation fees: the experienced team will help you find your way around and get used to the installed software on the VPS. 
  5. Increased security. Each of our virtual private servers ensures a safe environment and leaves no ‘holes’ for data leakage. Unlike with shared hosting, where security isn’t always guaranteed due to a large number of server users, here you don’t put your business at risk. 
  6. Additional DDoS protection is available at request. This will guarantee no intruders’ activity on a Debian VPS of your choice. 
  7. Powerful processors by AMD EPYC that let you enjoy the free from errors workflow. 
  8. Affordable prices for Debian VPS hosting packages. 

Although there are no cheap Debian VPS hosting options and providing a reliable server needs a considerable investment (at least in the good hardware and in hiring a team of specialists), here at BlueVPS, we keep our prices both competitive and down to earth. 

  1. A wide choice of operating systems besides Debian. 

Along with distributions of Linux such as Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, and centOS, you can find a server with Windows OS to feel more confident with it. As the team moves on and updates operating system options, you can have access to other OS and server software too. 

Finally, if you buy a Debian VPS hosting package, support will be present. Our users don’t have to deal with issues on their own – excellent customer service is included in the price of every server rent, no matter if it is a 4 GB RAM or 16 GB RAM VPS. 

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