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DDoS protection
DDoS protection
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Close to your target audience
Close to your target audience
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VPS Ubuntu

The rental of Ubuntu VPS has become a popular service since this operating system is ideal for professional use. This operating system is Linux-based and optimized for managing the infrastructure of multiple servers.

Ubuntu VPS Hosting

Advantages of using Ubuntu VPS:

  • Regular security updates. Ubuntu servers are usually updated twice a year. It is enough to ensure a server that provides a high level of protection against hacking and DDoS.
  • The possibility of serious failures in a stable operating system is minimized. However, this applies to all Linux-based server operating systems.
  • Since the source code is open, the functionality is improved.
  • Ubuntu software is free.
  • Since it is distributed for free, VPS on Ubuntu can be used at a lower cost.
  • Guarantee more stable operation of PHP, Perl, and Java-based applications.
  • Good scalability. In the further course of the project, you can easily adapt your server to your current needs.
  • Wide administrator rights at ROOT level.
  • Proper use of server resources.

It is important to understand that Ubuntu Server doesn't have its own GUI (graphical user interface). Therefore, a reduction in the number of resources consumed is achieved. The other side of the coin is that you need to use the console to interact with the server, which requires at least a basic knowledge of managing Linux-based server operating systems.

Disadvantages of Ubuntu VDS

In addition to the lack of a graphical interface, this server operating system has many other drawbacks.

  • Since Ubuntu is open source, the software may not be compatible with Ubuntu, and it may be difficult to find an alternative product.
  • IT beginners may have a hard time maintaining them.
  • Even new server components are often not immediately available and can be inconvenient if you need to upgrade to more up-to-date hardware.

Despite all the cons, you will most likely find it convenient if you rent an Ubuntu VPS. You get an operating system with high performance, minimal system resource consumption, and high stability. It is one of the best-operating systems in terms of fault tolerance. Still, to provide effective services, you need an experienced IT specialist who is familiar with the complex mechanisms of Linux.

Cheap Ubuntu VPS Hosting

Modern people use digital technology to significantly improve efficiency. However, it often happens that the resources of the hosting web package are completely scarce during the operation of an enterprise. In this case, the ideal option is to contact the company's official website, BlueVPS, to turn. 

The company's services are especially relevant for those who currently don't yet have the means to rent a dedicated server. If you buy VPS hosting later, you will only get many different ways to bring it to a completely new level later. This type of service actively performs various tasks and is also very easy to maintain.

What are the advantages of ordering a VPS server from BlueVPS?

  • It is the perfect price for people not ready to spend huge amounts of money to buy a place on the server.
  • Speed and ease of use. Not everyone has the opportunity to understand the technical parameters of working with a server, so BlueVPS offers a convenient VPS panel through which all work is done on Linux or Debian.
  • KVM virtualization. It guarantees the full use of the resources of the ordered server and prevents other users from accessing your space on the server.

If standard package resources are not enough to solve the problem you need, your budget is very limited. If you don't have the opportunity to rent a dedicated server, it is worth buying VPS hosting. 

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