Windows 2016 VPS Features

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Full customization
Full customization
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Variety of 19 locations
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Intel Scalable Xeon Processors
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VPS Windows 2016

Windows 2016 VPS is a special dedicated server that runs in a virtual environment based on the operating system of the same name. It has the same benefits as a physical dedicated server. But there are a number of small limitations that relate to the virtualization technology chosen by the user.

General Characteristics and Advantages of Windows 2016 VPS 

Using Windows 2016 VPS hosting, you can select and configure the OS, as well as any programs and services that run on the server. You receive administrator rights, so you can start configuring the system to fit your needs. It is possible to install any software, as well as create any number of users within the system.

Here are the main reasons why users buy cheap Windows 2016 VPS hosting:

  1. Host any web services;
  2. It is possible to use for trading on the Forex exchange;
  3. Use as a remote workplace. That is, all data on the server will be available from absolutely any PC connected to the network;
  4. Host remote database servers, etc.

Pay attention that VPS helps to save a good amount of money on purchasing licenses to install any third-party software while collaborating with the software. For this, it is just necessary to install a licensed copy on a server rented by the user at a low price. After that, any employee will have access to the system for free.

VPS for Windows 2016 Application Features

The possibilities of using Windows 2016 VPS hosting are quite wide. A few notable examples are provided below.

Game Server

Windows VPS is an excellent solution for ensuring the round-the-clock operation of the game server. Having his own server, the user can set specific rules, restrict participants, etc.

File Downloads, File Sharing, Backup

Cheap Windows 2016 VPS hosting is often used as a file server, as well as a media server for downloading various files and broadcasting original video content.

There are a number of professions for which such a server is simply indispensable. For example, if you work as a web developer and at the request of a client you need to transfer 20 sites of 20 gigabytes from one hosting to another, then without using a VPS, it will be very difficult for you to cope with the task. Of course, a home PC will come to the rescue in the automation process, but still, with the help of a server, work can be completed much faster.

It is very convenient to store backup copies on the server. Their automatic unloading will be carried out according to the schedule. In addition, thanks to VPS, you can easily share media files both on the entire Internet or in a private group.


When you rent a VPS for trading at an affordable cost, you should understand that it is designed in accordance with the specific needs of users. This is especially convenient for traders as it provides increased security and operational flexibility. VPS is constantly connected to the Internet, which not only speeds up the execution of transactions but also helps to create a more secure and stable trading environment.

Automatic Tasks

Having a VPS server, you can run various tasks that require automatic execution at approximately the same time intervals:

  • Obtaining useful information from websites;
  • Automatic bidding at auctions;
  • Promotions/sales;
  • Booking a table in a restaurant, vacation ticket booking, etc.;

Today, Windows 2016 hosting is actively developing; various programs are regularly introduced that allow testing server configurations. Much attention is paid to the development of loyalty programs for regular customers. No less popular is Windows 2019. Use it and get the benefits!

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