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Get the best features from the best web VPS hosting provider. After all, offering the cheapest web hosting with distinctive features is our #1 priority.
1Gbit or 10Gbit port
1Gbit or 10Gbit port
You heard it right. We offer up to 10Gbit ports for our VPS. Nothing can stop your online project from dominating the market!
AMD EPYC Zen2/Zen3 processors
AMD EPYC Zen2/Zen3 processors
Powerful through the roof, the new AMD EPYC Processors will chew on every task you give them.
Full customization
Full customization
Establish a secure connection through SSH. Get access to your server through VNC. Full customization only at BlueVPS.

VPS Game

Have you decided to play Left4Dead, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty 4, Minecraft, LineAge 2, Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike Source, or other similar games that allow you to participate in a team and create clans? Or are you planning to organize your own game project? Then you need to think about using Game VPS.

To fully understand why this is necessary, it is worth considering the advantages of renting game servers. The Cheap Game VPS server owns a high-speed Internet channel, allowing players to connect faster. It provides much more stability and cost-effectiveness than a home server. In fact, for a low price, you get access to high-end enterprise-level equipment that provides you and other participants with an unforgettable game.

Cheap Windows VPS hosting Game

Renting a Cheap Windows VPS hosting Game allows you to create your own gaming space, where you can play in a familiar company and earn money through the sale of resources, characters, and in-game currency. The service includes everything required to successfully deploy a Cheap Game VPS server hosting for any of the popular multiplayer games:

  1. Control panel with an intuitive interface. Clients who rent a Cheap Game VPS server receive the simplest and most useful control panel with which it is convenient to manage resources, monitor downloads, and perform various administration tasks;
  2. Full FTP access. FTP is convenient for uploading files or downloading them for offline use. At the same time, the interface works as fast as the speed of your access to the global Internet allows;
  3. Technical support. Having any worrisome questions or facing any problems, game server hosting subscribers can always contact technical support operators. They are always in touch and promptly process requests.

Cheap Linux VPS hosting Game

When choosing a Linux operating system over Windows for your game server, you should be aware of the following:

  • Licensing costs. You can reduce licensing costs by using Cheap Linux VPS hosting Game, as this operating system is open source. However, Linux is considered to provide limited support while Windows provides full support and has not had such a high license cost;
  • Working environment. If you plan to use a Cheap Game VPS server hostingм for the Linux operating system, this assumes that you have a good knowledge of Linux and understand how to manage it via SSH;
  • GUI. Perhaps, you know that Windows Game VPS has a graphical user interface called Remote Desktop. Using it to access and manage a virtual server is as easy as managing your home PC's desktop. As for Linux VPS, certain knowledge is required to use it. That is, one must be an experienced user of the Linux platform;
  • Service. Game server hosting requires maintenance, settings, updates, as well as ongoing monitoring. But without a graphical interface, this is almost impossible;
  • Price. A Linux VPS may be an excellent option if you have the good technical knowledge and a somewhat limited budget. As for Windows VPS, this option may become more convenient for you, as it has more functionality, provides good support, and is available at an affordable price. Thus, you should choose between Linux and Windows. Linux VPS for the game server is more profitable in terms of price, but Windows is a simpler option.

VPS is the most optimal choice that you can make to create a game server. The optimal ratio of price and resources will allow enjoying an exciting game. If you do not know what to buy, Windows VPS or Linux VPS, try to make a choice based on the above characteristics, and you will definitely succeed! We also recommend you consider SEO VPS, as it offers effective tools for social communities, online marketing, and new technologies.

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