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Get the best features from the best web VPS hosting provider. After all, offering the cheapest web hosting with distinctive features is our #1 priority.
AMD EPYC Zen2/Zen3 processors
AMD EPYC Zen2/Zen3 processors
Powerful through the roof, the new AMD EPYC Processors will chew on every task you give them.
DDoS protection
DDoS protection
Feeling that your business might be under attack from your competitors? Get VPS in Germany, France, Canada, Australia, or Singapore and protect yourself from those pesky bots.
24/7/365 support via ticket system
24/7/365 support via ticket system
Whenever you have a problem, we're here to help. Give us a shoutout!

VPS Server China

For all those who want to do business with mainland China BlueVPS has an awesome offer to rent a server there. Stability, reliability, and swift technical support are what each customer needs. We have great experience working with the Asian market and help you out if you have questions on how to host your business in China. 

Cheap VPS server in China

If you are planning to open a business in China there is no need to buy VPS for a month. Buy it for 3 months. Why? There are certain advantages to it:

  1. It is cheaper than buying a server for 1 month and paying a monthly price.
  2. We have a testing period of 7 days. If you are not satisfied with our server we can refund 100% of the payment during this trial period.
  3. You are free of any obligations to pay for the server for the next 2 months after the first one.

China is an enormous market with over 1,4 billion people. Imagine if your business becomes a success at least with 0.01% out of it? That’s why a lot of transnational companies are so determined to work with China as well as operate in Europe and America.

I am doing great on my web hosting right now. Why should I switch to VPS you might ask? If you have a small website with low traffic then indeed there might be no sense in switching but if you see that during the last 3 months your traffic is constantly growing, make sure that you have let’s say an ‘insurance’ of some sort. This insurance is a VPS ready to receive your website transferred from the web hosting. Because if the website fails to the overwhelming amount of visitors you will eventually lose the money, which is a strict no-no.

Don’t forget that you are also free from any restrictions regarding the OS type, web panel, and so on. So you are free to install Debian on it with VestaCP instead of using preinstalled CentOS with cPanel on it.

With all that said and done let’s see what you can get from us:

  1. Unlimited Bandwidth for each VPS;
  2. 1Gbit port;
  3. 24/7 technical support via ticketing system;
  4. Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC processors;
  5. Great pricing;
  6. Top-notch hardware from renowned industry leaders like Supermicro, Dell, and HP;
  7. SSD and NVMe VPS;
  8. Free IPv6

Cheap Windows VPS hosting in China

For those who develop their projects on top of BlueVPS offers servers based on Windows OS including:

  1. Windows 10 Enterprise;
  2. Windows Server 2012 R2;
  3. Windows Server 2016;
  4. Windows Server 2019.

Cheap Linux VPS hosting in China

We offer a plethora of Linux distributions for you to choose from. Each one comes pre-installed of course. CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, AlpineLinux, and its various variations are available straight out of the box. We are also open to requests should you need any other OS installed including AlmaLinux for example. 

Cheap VPS server hosting in China

When you are looking to buy cheap VPS in China look no further as we are offering the best quality on the market. Not sure that China is a good choice for you? Take a look at Asia, or United Arab Emirates VPS. Make sure to get in touch with our team via LiveChat to learn more!

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